Our People

Amref Health Africa UK is made up of a small but dedicated and dynamic team. We work in close partnership with Amref Health Africa Headquarters in Nairobi, African country offices and national offices across the world.

Based in London, we are made up of Programmes, Fundraising, Communications, Finance and Administration departments.

If you would like to get in touch, please call 020 7269 5520 or email info@amrefuk.org.

Our current vacancies are listed here.

All photos © Simon Shaw.

Frances Longley

UK Chief Executive

"I feel very lucky to be a part of Amref Health Africa's team. My career in international development has been focussed on three areas of passion: sub-Saharan Africa, work which is shaped, owned and valued by the communities where it takes place and the importance of health as a basic and fundamental human right. Amref has all three woven permanently into its DNA."

Steve Hindle

Head of Operations

"I’m delighted to be part of the Amref Health Africa team working with African communities on the issues that really matter to them about women and girl’s health and motherhood. It’s great to be part of such a dynamic African charity, and I’m looking forward to supporting the sharing of Amref's learning about what really works when partnering with communities."

Stella Helps

Head of Finance

"Working for Amref Health Africa is great – we’re part of a large global organisation with immense expertise, coverage and capacity to implement really innovative and valuable work in Africa, which is really exciting. But as Amref UK, we’re a small dynamic team and can therefore act quickly and efficiently to support our projects. The best of both worlds!" 

Alice Mabey

Executive Assistant

"I grew up in the MRC compound in West Africa as a consequence of my dad’s work in International Health and Development.  Because of this, I have always had an interest in these areas, particularly with regard to the issues faced by women; one of the core focuses of Amref Health Africa."

Steve Murigi

Global Account Manager - GSK

“Growing up as a young kid in Kenya, I was fascinated by the Amref Flying Doctors. A uniquely African-led organisation with the interests of marginalised communities at heart. By employing the tools of our time, Amref Health Africa demonstrates commitment to improving the health of people in Africa by partnering with and empowering communities, and strengthening health systems.  It is this principle of genuine partnership - built on trust and mutual respect that ensures sustainability of our work. It is this principle that resonates with who I am."

Aleena Khan

Programme Officer

"With my family’s roots in Kenya and Uganda, I have always felt a keen connection to East Africa. I love working at Amref as it gives me the opportunity to work with inspiring colleagues in East Africa to design and deliver a variety of healthcare projects. At Amref I can combine my academic interests of the intersectionality of gender and health with a truly community-led approach to development." 

Sarah Jefferys

Programme Officer

"Since visiting a remote part of eastern Kenya whilst I was at school, I have been very interested in international development in Africa. I really like the fact that Amref Health Africa is Headquartered in Nairobi, and is supported, rather than led, by offices such as the UK. I’m particularly interested in Amref’s training and capacity building work, which enables health workers to increase their skills and knowledge, which they can then pass onto others and use to better respond to the health needs of their communities."


Katie Greywood

Head of Fundraising

"I joined Amref Health Africa because I believe that working with women and girls is the most effective way to improve lives across Sub-Saharan Africa.  I’m excited to share Amref’s unique approach and ambition for the future with our existing supporters as well as new individuals and organisations."



Anna Macdonald

Philanthropy Executive

"I was fortunate enough to be placed at Amref UK through Charity Works, an exciting graduate scheme that combines leadership training with a twelve-month placement in the charity sector. I greatly value being part of the Amref team because our unique approach is community-driven and African-led. I spent three months volunteering Tanzania, where I witnessed the devastating impact a lack of healthcare and healthcare education had on the small village community in which I lived. Amref is delivering lasting healthcare change to remote and vulnerable communities like this one, working with women and girls to deliver sustainable change." 


Rebecca Miller

Individual Giving Officer

"I studied Human Rights and so aspired to work with an organisation who have built their ethos around rights and access. Amref has put the right to affordable healthcare at the heart of their work, particularly for women and girls. I’m excited to be a part of Amref’s vision to empower people to access their health rights across sub-Saharan Africa and look forward to building connections with, and learning from, all the people that make our work successful."


Eric Siu

Finance Officer

"I feel hugely privileged to be working for Amref Health Africa, a charity which promotes such positive change. With projects in multiple countries across the continent, I became inspired in bringing my knowledge and experience from having worked in Finance roles previously and from the volunteering roles I participated in, the opportunity to work as Finance Officer for Amref Health Africa became the ideal opportunity to combine the two and contribute to the difference being made."


Jimmy Laycock 

Programme Assistant

"I first became interested in Amref after hearing about the work of the Amref Flying Doctors from family members who grew up in Kenya in the 60s. Since those days, Amref has grown to become Africa’s leading health charity, which I am delighted to be a part of! Headquartered in Nairobi, Amref is a uniquely African-led international organisation that addresses health issues through a sustainable, community-led approach to development that enables and empowers Africans to break out of the cycle of poverty."


Alice Aiello

Programme Manager

"Gender equality is vital to health and to development; it's a principle which is one of humanity and a precursor to inclusiveness and prosperity. However, far too many women and adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa still have little or no access to essential, good-quality health services and education.

"I have lived and worked across Africa, and have witnessed the importance of sensitising women and girls about reproductive and maternal health care rights and the services available at health facilities. Amref's work in remote areas and rural communities ensures that health workers have strengthened skills and that women have access to antenatal care during childbirth, and in the weeks after."


Rachel Erskine

Communications Manager

"There's a lot to love about being part of the Amref team. In my job, I'm motivated not just by the work we do, but by the way we talk about that work. There's a real shift happening in the humanitarian and global development sector at the moment, in terms of the way we portray the places we work and the people we partner with. I think there's a recognition that we need to be more nuanced, and that we should all be questioning long-held assumptions about representation, perspective and power. I'm really glad that Amref is part of this process. We work with some extraordinary people, all of whom are driving change in their communities. This means we're lucky to have some incredible stories to share!"

Fatimah Jaffer

Fundraising Assistant

"Having grown up in Kenya, I have always been aware of incredible work Amref has been engaged in, in providing healthcare to some of the most disadvantaged communities. Amref's focus of a community-led approach particularly through women and girls is something that I strongly value and therefore it's a privilege to be a part of the organisation."

Nahum Muwowo

Finance Manager

"Before moving to the UK a number of years ago, I lived in Zambia, which neighbours the eastern part of Africa that Amref operates in. Growing up, I had access to private medical healthcare. I did not realise how privileged I was until much later, when I would see and hear of challenging experiences that many people in the region faced (and still face) in accessing good, affordable and quality healthcare.

Being part of Amref UK helps me to utilise my years of international and not-for-profit sector experience in finance, and in managing key stakeholder relationships through effective business partnering, to make a difference. I look forward to making a significant contribution to upholding the rights and dignity of women and children in the region, through better healthcare facilities and access."