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Kibera Reach 90

Testing, treatment, and support for those at risk or living with HIV/AIDS in Kibera, Nairobi: Africa's largest informal settlement.

Kibera Reach 90

Increased testing and treatment for HIV/AIDS

From 2016 to 2021, Amref Health Africa’s Kibera Reach 90 project aimed to lower the transmission of HIV and reduce mortality rates among people living with the virus in Kibera, Nairobi, by increasing access to community HIV/AIDS services.

Working together with health facilities and Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) in Kibera, Amref distributed HIV/AIDs self-testing kits, provided psychosocial support to people diagnosed with HIV, and enrolled diagnosed people in antiretroviral therapy. At the community level, Community Health Volunteers and peer educators also delivered educational materials and community dialogue sessions to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS testing tends to be lower amongst men and youth due to stigma and a reluctance to seek medical treatment at health facilities as often as other groups. Self-testing kits provide a simple solution and have proven to be particularly effective at reaching men and youth.

Through the project, Amref delivered self-testing kits to these at-risk groups so that they can receive the diagnosis, treatment and support they need.

We would like to thank the Mercury Phoenix Trust for supporting the project in 2021.

Top image: Kevin Garo, a Community Health Worker in Kibera © Brian Otieno for Amref Health Africa, 2021.

Right image: Winnie Oduor, a HIV counsellor at Amref Kibera Health Centre © Kevin Gitonga for Amref Health Africa, 2021.

Increased testing and treatment for HIV/AIDS

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