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“Be Inspired, Own Your Future” Kefeta Youth Festival

“Be Inspired, Own Your Future” Kefeta Youth Festival

Kefeta—’to elevate’ in Amharic—is creating a network of support and opportunity to empower young people in Ethiopia to build a safe, peaceful, and prosperous future.

In a two-day ‘Be Inspired, Own Your Future’ youth festival held in the Addis Ababa Millenium Hall, Amref Health Africa in Ethiopia with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and with partners including the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs and Addis Ababa City Administration brought together more than 20,000 attendees to celebrate, connect, inspire, and empower Ethiopian Youth.

Check out The Youth Festival 2023 highlights here

More than 20,000 young Ethiopians travelled to participate in the "Be Inspired, Own Your Future" youth festival. Festival activities included a job fair for youth employment opportunities, a forum for positive, intercultural understanding, and civil society support initiatives for youth development.

During the festival Amref hosted a variety of interactive sessions designed to spark change in the lives of Ethiopian youth. Activities ranged from amplifying the voices of young people who are leading powerful change initiatives in their communities; promoting youth-led businesses and connecting them with successful business leaders; providing skills-building training camps on technology, business, communications, and well-being; to engaging young people in a meaningful peace forum, arts and culture, sports, and games to inspire creativity and innovation. The festival created a platform for youth to learn innovatively, to be celebrated and to network with policymakers, entrepreneurs, and other young people working to create positive change at the grassroots.

The Youth Festival is part of the five-year USAID Integrated Youth Activity - Kefeta launched in March 2022 to ‘elevate’ two million youth in 18 cities by building their agency and capacity for advocacy, linking them to economic opportunities, and improving their access to youth friendly services. The programme is led by Amref Health Africa and a consortium of 19 leading local and international partners with funding from USAID.

The transformative power of young people

Ethiopian youth are ready for change; and we know that investing in youth development is one of the most powerful ways to restore hope and ignite change—led by this generation.

We work in partnership with young people to ensure the Kefeta programme is co-created with them, that they are implementing and making programme decisions and leading aspects of the programme. This way, they create the change that they want to see.

Young people in Ethiopia are a force for change, they want their voices to be heard, their contribution to be valued and realised, and treated equally. We’re listening!

Hear more about how Kefeta does this from the Amref Ethiopia team, in a recent discussion with supporters from the UK and US.

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Give a gift today

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  • £2,000 could train a Health Service Provider at a youth centre in sexual and gender-based violence
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