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Secure safe water for everyone

How your donation today will give strength

Your gift today will help communities, schools and clinics gain access to life-saving clean water.

Your one-off gift of £20 could train a mechanic to maintain a hand pump, keeping their community supplied with clean drinking water.

Your one-off gift of £34 could provide water purification tablets to keep a family safe from diseases caused by dirty water.

Your one-off gift of £40 could build solar-powered wells in drought-prone areas, giving families access to safe water.

Your monthly gift of £5 could help protect a community with water quality tests, ensuring their supply is free from contamination.

Your monthly gift of £10 contributes towards installing water taps and showers in maternity wards,
essential for helping mothers and their babies to survive childbirth.

Your monthly gift of £39 could fund the installation of two toilets, including a cubicle with lockable door for disease prevention, hygiene, safety and dignity.


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