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Donate to Amref's BBC Radio 4 Appeal

Donate to help Amref expand the Mobile Clinic fleet, to reach more communities with life-saving healthcare

Give to Amref's BBC Radio 4 Appeal

Give a gift today to help bring life-saving healthcare to more communities with Amref's mobile clinics. The Hermitage Trust will match every pound given to Amref's BBC Radio 4 Appeal, up to £20,000, helping your gift to go further...

could fund a mobile clinic to provide healthcare services to a whole family

could train a community health worker working in a mobile clinic to screen for cancer, diabetes, hypertension

could run a mobile clinic for a week, reaching thousands of people with vital health services

could build the capacity of the mobile clinics, allowing them to expand treatment and screening services for people with diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer

could train community health workers on the screening, diagnosis and treatment of chronic conditions - supporting individuals to regain their health


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Since last year Amref's mobile clinics - a solar-powered trailer with refrigerated vaccines and medicines – have taken trained health workers and vital services direct to people in isolated communities in Kenya.

Now, with your help, they could be the frontline for tackling the next major health challenge in Kenya: the rise of chronic health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. 

Amref's mobile clinics bring lifesaving healthcare to communities

For people like Phanice Kwamboka (pictured), suffering from diabetes, the mobile clinics are life-changing. Phanice is a mother of four from Barani village, Mombasa County in Kenya. Before Amref's intervention, Phanice's diabetes meant she was not well enough to work, rendering her unable to earn money to keep her family afloat. She had to choose between buying food for her children, or medicine to treat her diabetes.

Phanice explained: "Getting medication for diabetes is not easy for me because of the high cost of buying them. And even the distance to the hospital where I can get the medicine is very far. Even getting 200 shillings (approx. £1.30) to go there, I cannot afford it.”

Now, Amref's clinics are bringing medication, treatment and advice from trained health workers to Phanice's community, allowing her to manage her condition and keep healthy enough to work. Amref is bringing healthcare to communities like Phanice's across Africa - who struggle to access health services because of the shortage of health workers, lack of local clinics or long distances to hospitals, and the cost of services. Amref is making sure that the most vulnerable people get access to the vital health services they need.

Amref's mobile clinics bring lifesaving healthcare to communities

We have an ambitious goal to increase our fleet to bring this lifeline to more communities. With thousands of dedicated people like you in our community, we hope it’s possible.

Listen to the Appeal online anytime here. Long-term supporters of Amref, the Hermitage Trust, are generously matching every pound given to this Appeal up to £20,000, helping your donation to go further.

[Pictured: Amref's solar-powered Mobile Clinic (c) AstraZeneca; Phanice Kwamboka (c) Kennedy Musyoka; CHW Christine outside Amref's Mobile Clinic (c) AstraZeneca; CHW Junnet Mbogo (c) Kennedy Musyoka; CHW treats mother and child in Dagoretti, Kenya (c) Amref Health Africa Netherlands; CHWs give treatment in mobile clinic (c) AstraZeneca].

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