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Celebrate the strength of Africa’s women

Women face daily challenges to keep their families safe, but they are the driving force of health change in Africa. Our new poster promotion celebrates their strength.

Celebrate the strength of Africa’s women

Only 48% of people in sub-Saharan Africa have access to the healthcare they need. In many communities, women and girls bear the heaviest daily burden to keep their families safe. They are responsible for sourcing and fetching water for the family, for cooking and cleaning the household, and for taking care of the sick—whether that’s the elderly or infants. 

In the face of daily challenges, women are driving health change in their families and in their communities.

Celebrate the strength of women with our new poster promotion

Our new poster promotion celebrates the strength of women as they care for children and communities, to ensure a better quality of life and a brighter future.  

The poster is being advertised on Amref UK’s Facebook and Instagram. To receive the free poster, all you need to do is click ‘learn more’ on the advert, input your name and telephone number to the form, and consent to receive a follow-up telephone call.

These follow-up telephone calls will be made by a telemarketing agency called QTS and will display as coming from +44 20 7269 5520. During the call, the QTS representative will ask for a postal address (including a postcode) in Great Britain that the free poster can be sent to, and tell you a little more about the work of Amref Health Africa. Postage and packaging for the poster are not chargeable. Please click here for full Terms and Conditions of the promotion.

Hear more from illustrator Wanjira Kinyua 

Wanjira Kinyua is a Nairobi-based illustrator whose work includes character portraits, as well as flora and fauna series. Her Care, Strength, Life illustration brings to life the power of women as a central force in creating lasting health change in Africa. Click this link to find out more about Wanjira and her work

Wanjira says of the illustration: “Witnessing my sister’s experience of motherhood firsthand has instilled in me a deep appreciation for the profound bond between mother and child.” 

“This illustration celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Kenyan women through their adornment. The layered necklace, a signature piece of the Turkana people, is traditionally worn by young girls and gains more strands over time, symbolizing their journey into womanhood. The headpiece, bracelets, and armbands reflect the Samburu community's vibrant cultural attire. Unifying these elements is the khanga/lesso, a cloth used by women across Kenya in urban and rural settings to carry their children.”

“By incorporating these elements, I hope to showcase the enduring traditions and shared experiences that connect Kenyan women.”  

Hear more from illustrator Wanjira Kinyua 

Find out more about the women featured in our promotion

Images above © Amref Health Africa/David Brazier&Unknow Photographer

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