Flying doctors

Amref Health Africa Flying Doctors was established in 1957 by three surgeons - Sir Michael Wood, Archibald McIndoe & Thomas Rees and has since been involved in a number of health care projects in East Africa.

The Flying Doctor Service provides air evacuation services in medical emergencies as well as Air Ambulance transfers between medical facilities. Patients are repatriated worldwide, to countries including South Africa, Europe, Asia and North America by private jet air ambulance or accompanied by a medical escort, by commercial carriers to any destination.

The service covers the countries of East Africa (Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania) and, when clearance can be obtained, most neighbouring countries – Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi and others. In addition, subject to flight clearances, the Flying Doctors will carry out evacuations from anywhere on the African continent.

Amref Flying Doctors operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As a vital link between remote areas and Amref Flying Doctors Emergency Control Centre at Wilson Airport in Nairobi, the service has established a radio network that comprises over 100 HF radio stations across East Africa, making it the largest two-way radio network in Africa.

Aside from emergency evacuations, the Flying Doctors service provides a medical outreach program, taking essential health care to some of the most impoverished and remote areas of Africa.

Amref Health Africa Flying Doctors have recently launched the Maisha Air Ambulance cover for tourists and travellers to East Africa, to find out more click here.