Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights


One of the challenges people living in sub-Saharan Africa face is access to sexual health and family planning education. We believe these services are an integral component of health care and we want to ensure the communities we work in have the information and options they need to have responsible, safe and satisfying sex lives. 

In order to do this, 
  • We are working with governments and other partners to promote access to quality family planning services as an essential part of good reproductive health care.
  • We promote access to safe, effective, affordable and acceptable family planning methods.
  • We ensure that women have access health care services that will enable them to proceed safely through pregnancy and childbirth.
  • We work alongside communities to communicate messages about family planning to people where they live and work as part of community system strengthening.
  • In our efforts to strengthen the capacity of health systems to improve maternal and child health, we promote integration of family planning into all services to maximise opportunities to educate and inform. 
  • We support efforts that enable young people to have access to age and culturally appropriate information about contraceptive options through schools, community and faith-based organisations.
  • We remain committed to our work in educating women on the health benefits to children of delaying, spacing and limiting births and providing them with high quality family planning services to help families meet fertility goals and improve children’s health and survival. 
  • We are improving access to family planning services both by helping create demand through provision of education and information, as well improving access through support for service provision and integration.

We have partnered with Allen & Overy to design a Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights project in Tanzania. You can read about Kijana wa Leohere or watch the short video about our global charity partnership below.
Amref has been working alongside the local population in Meatu district, a remote region in northern Tanzania, to help communities find an alternative to FGM. You can read about our work in this area, here.