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Jacqueline's story

Jacqueline is a Community Health Volunteer, trained by Amref Health Africa. Jacqueline lives and works in Kibera at the Health Centre, which Amref run in partnership with Comic Relief. Jacqueline assists on the maternity wards and visits pregnant women and new mothers in their homes.

“Before the Amref facility was introduced here in Kibera, people used to have to walk a very long way to visit health facilities. It was difficult for them to get the care they needed, but this isn’t the case anymore. They feel encouraged, because this Amref facility is on their doorstep. 
My life has changed a lot since becoming a Community Health Volunteer. I walk everywhere with confidence because I am empowered and I continue to learn. Amref provide a lot of training and now I can use my knowledge for capacity building. I am empowered to work in the community and also in this health facility. I do home visits in this community, educating the people.

"In the past, many expectant mothers wouldn’t have seen a health worker or nurse at all before giving birth. Now, in the maternity ward, we advise mothers on birth plans and we prepare them before their delivery. We identify pregnant women in the community and refer them to the clinic, so they get the help and support they need to give birth safely. We hope to see them at least four times, so that their health can be shaped well. We also encourage mothers to get tested for HIV. 

"Since Amref has trained us, we have made a great impact. I appreciate the knowledge I have because I use it everywhere I go. We work alongside health professionals, so we continue to build and grow our experience because we are always learning. I am happy I live here, because I am part of the community and when I refer people here I feel confident they will get the best possible care.”