Ayke's story


Ayke Aymele is nomadic pastoralist in South Omo, one of the most remote areas in Ethiopia. He moves his home and livestock with the seasons, according to rainfall. Access to clean water and health care is a major problem for his community.

"When I was younger, I was responsible for herding our goats across the land, moving them on from water hole to water hole. When the dry season came that was really hard. The only water available was muddy puddles. And not just the goats, but we’d all have to use this to drink and wash with. People were always ill. My older brother got sick and died, leaving me in charge of the goats, our only source of income, on my own, since my father died when I was very small.
"Now that Amref Health Africa has built a proper water hole, I am so happy. We have a regular supply of clean running water, and we don’t have to walk for ages across the desert to find it. I’ve noticed that far few people are getting ill too. It means we can now stay in one area longer, which also means I can go to school. And now only the goats drink from the puddles."