Ababa's story

Ababa Seftey is a Health Extension Worker in South Omo, Ethiopia. She is responsible for a village of approximately 1,300 people (302 households).

"Amref Health Africa has helped us to set up a youth club to educate our community about HIV/AIDS. I am one of the eight members of this club (aged 13-35). We go from home to home in pairs and talk to people about HIV. We also present information about community meetings.
Before this club was formed, people hated to hear about HIV, but now they are keen and even search us to ask questions. 228 people have volunteered for voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) already.
Now even the males participate in family planning – they bring their wives to me and ask to receive the injection. I have three forms of contraception – pills, condoms and injections, but injection is popular, as the men reject condoms and they worry about forgetting the pill.
I am very pleased to serve the community – this satisfies me. When members of the community see me, they are happy, they call my name “Ababa, Ababa, Ababa”"