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When Victoria met David

Five things you need to know about Victoria Beckham’s visit to Kenya!


You might have seen on social media that Victoria Beckham visited our clinic in Kibera this week, where she met a new-born baby called David. The visit was filmed and will be broadcast tonight, Friday 23rd March, as part of the Sport Relief telethon. But the real story here is the nurses, midwives and community volunteers who, every day, are saving and improving lives in Africa’s largest urban slum. So what's going on behind the scenes?  

Meeting some amazing people at the Amref clinic in Nairobi @sportrelief X

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  1. On an average day, the clinic treats between 200 and 250 patients. It’s the only clinic in Kibera that provides free healthcare.
  2. Talk about Girl Power: Globally, two thirds of health and social workers are women. During her visit, Victoria met some of the local nurses, midwives and community health volunteers (like nurse / midwife Esther, pictured above) who are saving and changing lives in Kibera. 
  3. For most women, pregnancy is a happy time - but for women in Kibera, the prospect of childbirth can be a scary one, too. A woman in Kenya is almost 57 times more likely to die from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth than a woman in the UK. Amref Health Africa and Sport Relief have teamed up to train midwives who help ensure that more women live to see their children grow up.
  4. Worldwide, vaccines prevent up to three million deaths every year. At the Amref clinic, Victoria met baby David (pictured below), who was about to receive his first round of life-saving jabs.
  5. Victoria wore wellies during her visit. And what goes with wellies, but a wheelbarrow? Many of Kibera’s streets are too narrow and crowded for a traditional ambulance to navigate. That’s why Amref has developed ‘wheelbarrow ambulances’ so women in labour can get to hospital as quickly as possible. 


Kibera is the African continent’s largest urban slum, and one of the biggest slums in the world. It’s home to somewhere between 250,000 and one million people. Sport Relief and Amref Health Africa have partnered to support four clinics in Kibera. We provide maternal, new-born and child health services, and support young people living with HIV. Victoria Beckham visited the biggest and busiest of our clinics, ‘Amref Kibera’.
“Visits like Victoria’s help to draw attention to the health challenges Kibera’s residents face on a daily basis - and to the many examples of community-led change,” says Frances Longley, Chief Executive of Amref Health Africa UK.
We’ll tell you what we want, what we really, really want: it’s for you to tune into Sport Relief tonight, Friday 23rd March, to hear the stories of the people fighting every day for the right to health. 
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