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  • 26
  • March

When Victoria met David

  • 26/03/2018

You might have seen that Victoria Beckham visited our clinic in Kibera this week, where she met a new-born baby called David. But the real story here is the nurses, midwives and community volunteers who, every day, are saving and improving lives in Kibera.

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  • 05
  • March

2018 Spring Appeal: Help us guarantee the Right to Health

  • 05/03/2018

Health is a Human Right - yet half of the world's population doesn't have access to essential healthcare and services. Support our appeal and help us guarantee the Right to Health for women and girls in Africa.

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  • 08
  • January

GSK PULSE Programme: Sharing skills to tackle health challenges

  • 08/01/2018

GSK PULSE volunteer Cleo Matlou travelled to Ethiopia as part of her six-month placement with Amref UK - the "most enriching experience" of her assignment.

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  • 04
  • January

Community Health Workers take a leading role in combating NCDs

  • 04/01/2018

Daniel Kamau Macharia's undiagnosed asthma was affecting his ability to work and provide for his family. When his neighbour, Jane Theuri, was trained as a Community Health Worker, she was able to recognise Daniel's symptoms, helping him manage his condition and transforming his life.

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  • 12
  • December

Universal Health Coverage Day: Health is a Human Right

  • 12/12/2017

As part of the Sustainable Development Goals, every UN Member State has agreed to try to achieve the ambitious goal of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2030. But what is UHC - and how is Amref contributing to this ambitious agenda?

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