Your Own Event

Many of our supporters raise essential funds for Amref by putting on their own events - in the workplace, with family and friends, or in the local community. 

Getting your local community involved is a great way to fundraise, and provides a fantastic opportunity to get creative. You can use your skills and networks - or those of your friends, colleagues and family - not only to raise money, but to share information about Amref and raise awareness too. 
The money you raise makes a huge difference: 
  • £5 ensures three new mothers with HIV get the counselling and support they need going forward. 
  • £60 provides a medi-kit, which includes all the equipment a midwife needs to deliver a baby safely, e.g. forceps, syringes and umbilical clamps. 
  • £150 runs a series of workshops in the community, educating people about the importance of having a midwife to monitor mothers throughout their pregnancy. 
We’ve put together a few ideas for events you can do yourself, but if you have something else in mind, just get in touch and we can support you. 

Fundraising Ideas 

Bake sale: A classic! From brownies to Victoria sponges, this is a fantastic and cost-effective way to attract donations from your community, whether at work, school or at your local hall. You can even branch out and get crafty making candles, jam, cards and other goodies to sell. 
BBQ: In Swahili this is known as ‘Nyama Choma’ and is a popular event in Kenyan communities. A summer favourite, not only is this a great way to fundraise, it is also a perfect opportunity to bring friends and family together on a single occasion.  
Presentation: Many of our supporters have close links with Amref, be it time spent living in countries where Amref operates or involvement with the original Amref Flying Doctors. Perhaps you could deliver a presentation about what Amref and Africa means to you at your local church, book group or rotary club, asking for donations in return. 
Clothes swap party: You know what they say: "One person's trash is another person's treasure". Get your friends and family together to donate some of their unwanted clothes and accessories, and charge to take part in the clothes swap. This is a great way for your guests to socialise, have fun, and breathe new life into your wardrobe without having to partake in an expensive shopping spree - and you can feel good knowing you are supporting better healthcare in some of Africa’s most vulnerable communities. 
Pub quiz: Hosting a quiz in your local pub is a fail-safe way to raise money. You can write the questions yourself, ask your immediate friends and family to take part, and encourage them to promote the event to their own networks. Lots of pubs will happily host for free too, as you are helping bring customers through the door. You can even think about linking your quiz to Amref’s work, by including a round on African history, culture, or even Amref itself. 
Special events: Why not donate your birthday or anniversary to Amref, by requesting donations to support Amref’s healthcare projects instead of gifts?
By choosing to organise your own event and fundraise for Amref you’ll get support from the fundraising team here in the UK, including: 
  • A dedicated contact to help plan your event and answer any questions 
  • A jazzy Amref t-shirt 
  • Fundraising pack containing further fundraising ideas, and some DIY Amref bunting! 
  • Materials including collection tins, balloons, leaflets and posters 
  • Online fundraising page and support with JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving


Contact Us

Get in touch with our team today and we will work with you to develop an event that works. Please contact Rebecca Miller at or on +44 (0)20 3371 0409.