Amref Health Africa is Africa's leading health charity and one of the leading healthcare development agencies on the continent

Working primarily with women and girls, our vision is of lasting health change within Africa's most vulnerable and remote communities.

Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, we are a truly African organisation, which combines grass roots development with government partnerships.

This ethos defines our community-based approach and echoes across each and every one of the projects and programmes we deliver.

We started life in 1957 as the Flying Doctors of East Africa. Beginning with aeroplanes to provide the most remote communities with health care, we have always used the tools of our time to bridge the gap between heath systems and people.

Today we use e-learning, telemedicine, and mobile phones to spread health knowledge and care.

Our work has won high-profile international awards such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's Award for Global Health and the Conrad Hilton Humanitarian Award.

Our Work

We work primarily through women and girls creating long-term, sustainable health change in sub-Saharan Africa.


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