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Personal Stories

Our belief in the power of communities is at the heart of the work we do. Meet some of the inspiring people we work with and read stories of real change, created by remarkable people in tough situations.

Super-Midwife, Marion!

Marion Tumuhimbise, midwife at Rubaga Hospital, Kampala


Marion Tumuhimbise is a midwife at Rubaga Hospital in Kampala, where her duties include delivering babies, dispensing medication, counselling patients and taking care of newborns. Between working full-time and raising a family, she felt she didn't have time to continue her training - until she discovered Amref's eLearning programme. Read more

Jacqueline's story

Jacqueline is a Community Health Volunteer, trained by Amref Health Africa. Jacqueline lives and works in Kibera, Nairobi, assisting on the maternity wards and visiting pregnant women and new mothers in their homes.

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Zena's story

Zena is from Mbiki Village, Tanzania. Zena praises the new health facilities in her area, which helped her give birth safely to her baby girl Clara, when she experienced difficulties in labour.

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Monica's story

Madi Kiloc Primary School is situated in the Lamwo district of northern Uganda. It is a very remote and under developed region, which suffered from almost two decades of civil war. Monica is 15 years old. She is Secretary of the School Health Club.

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Asrat's story

Dr Asrat Mengiste arrives at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre. It’s 8 am, and already 70 patients are lined up for a consultation.

Munini's story

Makueni is one of most remote counties in Kenya, with 67% of the population living below the poverty line. Munini Joseph Mutisya is a Community Health Volunteer, helping to improve access to maternal health services across the county.

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Berhanu's story

Improving community wellbeing through WASH

Shiromeda is a small neighbourhood located some six miles north of Addis Ababa. The area has a growing population and a recent construction of an Amref WASH facility is improving the health and wellbeing of the community.

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Asha's story

Asha is an 18 year old young mother living in Mtwara, Tanzania. She discovered she was pregnant in the school holiday and didn’t return to school.

Ayke's story

Ayke Aymele is nomadic pastoralist in South Omo, one of the most remote areas in Ethiopia. He moves his home and livestock with the seasons, according to rainfall. Access to clean water and health care is a major problem for his community.

Grace's story

Grace Konga is training to be a clinical officer at the Maridi National Health Institute in South Sudan. She is proud to be helping other women access good quality health care.

Anne's story

Anne Kamene was one of the first students at Amref Health Africa's Virtual Training School (AVTS), training to become a registered nurse in 2007. She had previously joined a classroom-based scheme to gain her nursing certificate.

John's story

A rare overcast morning in the normally stifling hot and hostile aridity of Turkana District. Under a collection of thorn trees, 200 people from three temporary villages of this nomadic pastoralist community are gathered around a mobile Amref Health Africa health unit.

Dorine's story

Dorine is a Community Health Worker, trained by Amref Health Africa. She lives in Kibera, Nairobi - the largest urban slum in Africa. Dorine has been trained on LEAP, the mHealth platform, that uses updates and peer-to-peer communication to strengthen the skills of health workers.

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Nicodemus' story

Nicodemus is a doctor, working at the Utesha Health Centre in Tanzania. This facility is wildly exceeding its targets thanks to Nicodemus' dedication and passion to assist mothers and babies in this remote community.

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Selemani's story

Selemani is a Community Health Worker trained by Amref. Semelani has worked as a volunteer for over 20 years and feels indebted to his community. His goal is for everyone to understand the value of good healthcare.

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Serah's story

Serah Ngusie is 29 years old. She is one of two nursing officers in charge at Kasikeu Health Centre, Makueni. Sereh has worked at the health facility for six years and has seen a lot of changes during this time.

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Sihiba's story

Sihiba Yusufu lives in Mtwara, a coastal region of southern Tanzania. At the age of 11, she became pregnant, and was forced to leave her home and her school. She tells her story here.

Ababa's story

Ababa Seftey is a Health Extension Worker in South Omo, Ethiopia. She is responsible for a village of approximately 1,300 people (302 households).

Leah's story

Leah is a Community Health Volunteer, at Maware Dispensary in Kenya. Trained by Amref Health Africa, Leah looks after 127 households in her community.

Paskazia's story

Paskazia is a nurse at Masumbwe Health Centre in Tanzania. She was trained by Amref Health Africa and helps women in the region give birth safely.

Saving lives in Samburu County

Lucy Kingee is a nurse at Lolmolog Dispensary in Samburu County, Kenya. She's using Amref's 'Basic Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care' training to ensure that expectant mothers in Samburu receive the best possible care - even when they experience complications.