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2017 Autumn Appeal

For 60 years, Amref Health Africa has worked with thousands of communities and millions of people, today reaching over 30 countries.

19-year-old Siasa was trained by Amref as a Peer Educator.
Your support gives us the security and flexibility to continue our work, delivering new and innovative programmes in hard to reach areas and for vulnerable communities. 19-year-old Siasa's story is just one example of the impact of your generosity.
Siasa attends school in the Handeni district of Tanzania. Earlier this year, Siasa volunteered to be trained by Amref as a Peer Educator, because, in his own words, he wanted to "understand sexual and reproductive health issues better and share them with others . . . for my benefit and the benefit of others".
In his training he learned about family planning methods, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), how to prevent early pregnancy, the effects of FGM and how to prevent it. His role as a Peer Educator involves sharing this information with his friends and peers through School Health Clubs.
Before Amref’s Peer Educator project began, Siasa’s school had a problem with early pregnancy, which led to girls dropping out of school, as well as a high rate of STIs and FGM in the community. It’s difficult to imagine, but before Amref’s project, there was no support for students for these kind of issues, with very minimal health facilities and a lack of education among community leaders and teachers. The impact of the project is already impressive, with a reduction in both the number of girls dropping out due to pregnancy, and referrals for STIs.
Siasa told us about one conversation he had with a girl from a Masaai community - particularly memorable for him, because it is unusual for a Masaai girl to approach a non-Masaai boy like this. She felt comfortable talking to him because she had attended a Health Club meeting and knew he was a Peer Educator. She had already undergone FGM herself, and wanted to understand more about the effects of it, and her rights, so that she could save her younger sister from the procedure. Siasa was able to explain not only the medical effects of FGM, but also about the rights of girls not to be cut. The girl has now become an FGM champion in her community, helping her sister and many more girls.
This is just one of many examples that illustrate how Amref is using your donations to change lives across sub-Saharan Africa. Please do consider making a gift today, to support our programmes in Tanzania and beyond.
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